Uludağ Bursa

Uludağ Bursa

Uludağ, 36 km south of Bursa, is one of the most popular winter sports centers in the country. Its abundance of flora and fauna has given it national park status, and summer activities such as trekking and camping are also popular. In ancient times, Uludağ was known as Mysian Olympus, and according to ancient Greek mythology, it was a place where the gods watched the Trojan War. Plans for a development project have been confirmed that will increase the current accommodation capacity and further expand the ski facilities. Thanks to its geographical location, the Uludağ ski area also offers heliskiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snow biking.

The Uludağ National Park can be reached by both the motorway and the cable car. The ski area is 40 minutes from Bursa and 60 minutes from the airport. If you are traveling in a private vehicle, Cekirge Road is the easiest. Drivers are required to store snow chains, wedges, and tow ropes in winter that can be rented or sold by the roadside. There are also minibuses from Bursa to the top of Uludağ, which depart every hour in winter and take around 90 minutes. The cable car route to Uludağ is divided into four sections: two between the Bursa and Kadi plateaus (1,235 m) and two between Kadi and Sari Alan (1,621 m). Each line has a cabin for 30 people (it should be noted that wearing ski equipment is prohibited) and leaves the Teleferik district every 20 minutes. The trip, which stops in Kadi and changes car, takes about 25 minutes. From Sari Alan there is a minibus for the last 7 km to the hotel district. In summer there is a chair lift from Sari Alan to Coban Kaya (1,750 m).

Uludağ is the highest mountain in Western Anatolia. Its peak, Kara Tepe, lies at 2,543 m. Uludağ is covered by forests and the region has a partially temperate climate with a dominant south / south-west wind. The altitude of the ski area is between 1,750 and 2,543 m. The best travel time is from the end of December to the end of March.

There are 27 hotels, 15 of which are privately owned, with a total of more than 3,000 beds. There you will also find shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and bars, entertainment venues and health centers.

Rental of ski equipment and ski instructors are available. There are eight chair lifts, seven drag lifts and 13 different slopes.

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