Sarıkamış Kars

Sarıkamış Kars

Under the pine forests in Sarıkamış, you can find the best quality Türkiye snow. The Sarıkamış Ski Resort is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region, 55 km southwest of Kars, on Mount Camurlu at an altitude of 2,100 to 2,634 m. The resort has a 1,435-meter mechanical first-stage track (chairlift) with a capacity of 1,800 People / hour and a 2,250 meter long mechanical center of the second level (chairlift) with a capacity of 800 people / hour. Hour. A total of 7 ski slopes are available in Sarıkamış. The resort is 60 km southwest of the center of Kars, 50 km from Kars Harakani Airport and also accessible from Erzurum Airport. There are direct buses to the ski resort from Kars Harakani Airport (40 minutes) and Erzurum Airport (90 minutes).

Various ski areas are located at different distances from the city center, including Cıbıltepe (2,200-2,634 m) in the southeast; Süphan Mountain in the west (2,200-2,900 m); and Ağbaba in the east (2,200-2,810 m).

The Sarıkamış ski area has 5 loops with a total length of 12 kilometers that run between the pines. The resort overlooks the beautiful Cıbıltepe. Cıbıltepe has five slopes, the longest of which is 12 km long. The snow here has a crystal structure that makes skiing difficult.

The average snow depth in the Sarıkamış ski area is 1.5 m and is typical for alpine conditions. The season runs from December 20th to March 20th. The region has a terrestrial climate with a dominant southwest wind direction.

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