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Mardin architectural , ethnographic , archaeological, historical and visual values ​​and gives the impression that time has stopped, the city is one of the Southeast’s poetic . The culture of Mardin , who built the ages bears traces of civilization . Mardin has important historical , cultural and architectural wealth . In recent years, not only in our country began to attract the attention of the entire world Mardin , history and culture with the structure of UNESCO “World Heritage City on the List ” is a candidate . Visitors flocked to the city in 2001, according to official records only as passport has logged 48,852 people .

The climate is harsh climate . The summers are quite dry and hot , winters are cold and snowy . For this reason, your preference, you get to experience the beauty of Mardin during the summer season .
Mardin, architecture, social life, and cultural fabric of the city itself is really all you see is a city that fascinates . Mardin city center alone , but also with the environment is an ideal place for a cultural trip .
First, an important point in Mardin city center , houses , madrasahs, churches, then Deyrulzafer districts , especially Dara Monastery , Midyat and Hasankeyf into a broad area should be visited . Deyrulzafaran Süryanilig is the center of the world , water cisterns and archaeological Dara and still living in the world , which is one of the few cities Hasankeyf, Mardin ride when I can not get enough at times comes across as a city .

Şanlıurfa Province – lands Ceylanpınar from entering the rail, watching the limit is reached Syria and Iraq . Also Senyurt 30 km from the town of Mardin in the past this way . line dependent. In addition, five days a week regardless of your choice of airline Indirect Ankara to Mardin flights possible. If you want to reach by road 18-20 hour bus ride should take into consideration . Istanbul – 1449 km distance between Mardin . dr. If you prefer private car , Mardin, Sanliurfa and Gaziantep, Adana via the E-90 highway linking can be accessed by choosing the Mardin .

In the region during the excavations conducted MÖ.4500 starting from classic sense of being residence Mardin, Subaru, Hurrian , Sumerian, Akkadian , Mitani , Hittites, Assyrians , Scythians , Babylonians, Persians , Makkadony , Abgar , Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Seljuks , and Ottomans Artuklu many structures for the period of a major open -air museum is able to blend within . Based on date of 4500 BC Mardin , but also due to the route of the Silk Road has a different significance .
Mardin’s name, date in March by the Persians , Byzantines Mardie , Mardin by the Arabs , Syriacs Fairmont Mara , Merdo , Mert , and has been used as Mert . Merde or Merdo , in Syriac forts, castles means . According to others who settled the area Merde mete name comes from the neck .

Things to Do
Mardin is a museum city in the true sense . Sited on a fortress city, which consists of two parts , including old and new . At the end of Mardin in 1960 with the declaration of a protected area in the entire city into the city, new building construction is prohibited. Mardin which can take 15-20 minutes to walk from start to finish you can visit at a time . Runs one-way street where vehicles are alone . You will feel yourself in 16th Century Mardin experienced untold …

Wining and Dining
Mardin as well as with the image , with a kitchen that is so famous . Meat products mainly with delicious food , experience the beauty of these historic sites …
Mardin, do not go … Do not leave without Rida’s kebab This proposal Rida’s kebab can be nothing for you until yiyince . But Mardin is located on the main street when you see the sign written on Rido also include Kebab enter and pull yourself a kebab feast . Is operated by the same person for 40 years . In Mardin , ribs , tripe, stuffed , stuffed dumplings and original dishes such as meat and bread in the Republic Square and dine overlooking the Mesopotamian plateau .

Mardin’s famous silver filigree work can be taken. In addition, examples of rugs and small crafts ( handmade lace veil , rosary ) may be taken.

Outdoor Sports
Dicle University established within the aviation courses are of great interest in the region . Parachute jumping show and model aircraft are made. Also Trekking trekking in the region , with organized tours are attempts to revive Mardin in terms of tourism .

German -i Abu Thermal
Location: mardin
Spas and drinking quite zayıftır.germ region in terms of the spa town of Midyat, depending on the EU – ii , Gerbur village , near the Tigris river side. Water boils inside a cave . The cave is located in the bathroom in the pool . It is a source of sulphurous . Smoking , the purgative effect. Safrayol liver , intestinal disorders, skin diseases and gives good results . German -i âb word means hot water . Water temperature of 40 ° C respectively.
Health Center in the area and there are a sufficient number of pharmacies .

Batman, Diyarbakir, Sanliurfa, Sirnak .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: 0 /5 February : 2/8 March: 6/14
April : 11/ 19 May: 15/26 June: 23/33
July: 24/34 August: 27/38 September: 20/31
October : 14/ 23 November : 5/12 Range:


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