Nemrut Adiyaman Tourism Guide

Nemrut Adiyaman Tourism Guide

Mount Nemrut you had a dream to date .

To live in this atmosphere , including an immediate plan our trip to Nemrut .

Mount Nemrut, Adiyaman province near the town of Kahta in the mountains near Anker is a mountain 2,150 meters high . Taurus mountain range is located in the . Is a national park since 1988 .

Commagene king, Antiochus Theos , to the top of the mountain in 62 BC , many Greek and Persian , as well as the statue of the god in his own tomb – shrine was built . In the grave, as the head of an eagle , has stone carvings of gods . Hiyerotesyo array of sculptures known as shape .

mount nemrutIn 1881, German engineer Karl Sester by grave excavations were made. In the excavations made in later years was found in the tomb of Antiochus .

Mount Nemrut in 1987, has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site .

Pianist Tuluyhan auspicious , with the piano moved to 2150 meters 4 September 2003, Mount Nemrut ‘ gave a concert at the summit .

Nemrut Dağı’nda güneşin doğuşunu izlemeden dönmeyin.


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