General Information
” Cherries and Hazelnut land … ”

Cherry is the homeland of Giresun . Therefore, the Greek name meaning Kereasus or Keresa cherry is derived from the words . Cherry Giresun has been largely lost its importance , the location is no longer left to nuts .
Giresun BC in Eastern Black Sea Region 8 century is a colonial city founded in . Location with historical monuments , cultural values ​​is a province with unmatched beauty .
Giresun because it is a coastal city in terms of tourism has become increasingly important too .

Giresun Mountains every time they lie parallel to the shore of the province in two different climates on earth has been spawned . The Black Sea coast is warm and wet climate periods . Most rainfall, October and November are the least rainfall occurs in May and June . Sea to the high temperatures reached during the months of July and August . For this reason, Giresun another in the spring and summer months would be nice .

From coastal areas in the province of Giresun transportation is provided by the State Highway No. 010 . Air transportation is not available in the province 120 km from the nearest airport . is within the Trabzon airport . Istanbul – Giresun distance between 942 km. dr. Ankara – is 626 km from Giresun . dr.

On Giresun very little archaeological research has been conducted . BC by the Milesians Vııı.yy city was founded as a colony . In the same year , established on the eastern Black is one of five large colonies . Original founding place of the city at the mouth of the creek batle it is to Çıtlakkal and during this period became known as Kerasus .
Pantos M.Ö.183 dominance in Giresun passed. Pantos king 1 Phamakes present in and around the castle re-established. Giresun in these years was referred to as pharnakia . BC The city came under Roman rule in 63 years , in 1204, was connected to Trabzon Greek Empire . In 1461, he joined the Ottoman Empire . Became a province in 1923 .

Things to Do
You’ll see in the city of Giresun Giresun castle is the most important place . The castle rises in the middle of the city at the same time is a very famous promenade . Walls and temples in ruins, caves are found. There is also a cemetery . The museum is located right underneath the castle . Dating from the 18th century restoration of an old Russian Orthodox church was opened as a museum after . Artefacts collected from the region are exhibited here .
1.5 km from the city . away from Giresun Island is the only island in the region . Marine engines and Or go . On the walls and the ruins of the monastery is located . Summer season is a popular picnic area .
All the eastern Black Sea region as in the highlands of tourism is an important parçasıdır.gire you yaylalr 1500-2000 m . height of the plateau are scattered . A large part takes place in a pine forest . For this reason Giresun highlands is another beautiful ..

Wining and Dining
Giresun become synonymous income kale and anchovies . Furthermore foods made ​​from corn . Some meals ; kale soup, kale DIBL , Nettle Puree, Corn Bread , Pickled Beans , Cherry Flats and Pezik Mıhlaması upgrade .

Giresun without nuts , Peshtamal and earnings bazaar to buy souvenirs from the small hand-made turn without .

Outdoor Sports
Swimming is the most popular sport in the region . Sailing , paragliding and camping are also available. Very suitable for outdoor sports in the Black Sea region , which has a geography grass skiing during the winter season in the highlands, snow skiing, hunting and trekking are made.

The area is rich in thermal springs . Drinking Beğil Giresun city center. Exposed boils. It is pleasant to me . Drinking is a parish in Bulandshahr Bulandshahr . Is on the road . Include passers . A drink is Tanzar Tanzar parish . Exposed flows. It is effective for urinary tract . Bata to drink in the town of Tripolis . It is a delicious drink .


Army , Gumushane, Trabzon, Sivas .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: 3/8 February: 4 /9 March : 6/14
April : 8/ 15 May 11 /17 June : 17/23
July: 19/24 August: 22/28 September: 18/23
October: 15/19 November: 9/14 Range: 6/13
special Days
Giresun ‘s oldest festival held between May 20-30 International Giresun Aksu festival. Also in July, the Cupola , Bektas , Fog Mountain, Karaovacık highland plateau in the tens of thousands of people attended the festivities are scheduled .


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