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” The unique nature of sports paradise ”

Erzincan, Turkey’s different features waiting to be discovered and in recent years increasingly becoming a privileged holiday resort is a local legend that hundreds of Erzincan … Did you know ?

Turkey’s a reality : Almost every region of nature and history are worth a visit with the opportunities you can find many regions . The charming beaches of the Mediterranean Sea , the lush forests of the Black Sea , the Aegean’s unique texture you can not ignore . Eastern Anatolia is a distinct reality …

Once upon a time , which is the break even point of the trade caravans from Baghdad Erzincan, winter and outdoor sports centers today stands out as one of the . Canyoning , trekking excitement , enthusiastic waters of the Euphrates river rafting and of course enjoy skiing in Sakaltutan five months of the year … With healing waters around the plant established medical tourism gaining more importance day by day , with the presentation of historical monuments and archaeological sites thriving cultural tourism … Erzincan welcomes guests with different options …

Sheds light on the early history of the ruins of Erzincan Küçüktepe is coming mound . Altıntepe encountered in the findings, particularly Urartu and brightens the Hittite period . Prehistoric settlement in the region is thought to rely on .

Local kingdom had a great impact in settlements in the region . And after Hurri Hayaşa sovereignty , Hittite management was effective . Urartu domination of the region have played a role in the commercial and cultural progress . BC 600 years have conquered the Medes in the Kingdom . Many kingdoms fought for the region . BC In 550 the Persians were able to become masters of the region . After many years of them famous Macedonian King Alexander the Great defeated . Management of local kingdom while remaining a relatively small area, then part of the territories of the Roman Empire . Participating in the Roman province of Asia Minor region , after dividing into the hands of Byzantine history, but it was not enough to ensure stability in the region . The city wants to seize the Sassanids been the target of several raids . Turkish settlement in Anatolia after the Battle of Manzikert started . 11 sovereignty of the principality Mengücek century has provided the city’s progress , cultural and commercial aspects of a complete development took place . Of course , the Crusades and various invasions have still destabilize .

During the Ottoman rule continued presence as a major center of Erzincan , in the aftermath of the First World War came to the fore in Anatolian folk movement , has become one of the centers of the National Struggle . Exiting the difficult days of the First World War, a powerful city of the young republic , one of the most painful events in the history of Erzincan earthquake is without doubt … Today the wounds of history surrounding the city successfully , Eastern Anatolia, attracts the most visitors , reviewing a candidate to be one of the corners …

Erzincan in eastern Anatolia is one of the cities with the best transportation facilities … Erzincan Airport opened in 1998 , with large passenger capacity and advanced technical facilities serving in a modern look . Istanbul, Izmir , Ankara to Erzincan from big cities like if you want to achieve , with one of the regular flights of Turkish Airlines can perform a very comfortable journey .

As more affordable rail and highway transportation routes might suggest . Located on major highways linking Europe to Asia and the city , this area is still ongoing strong infrastructure work center … Of course , those who prefer the road is more than 1,000 kilometers of the road is useful to remind . Erzincan – around 700 kilometers from Ankara ; 1300 kilometers from Erzincan Izmir …

Back a lot of Erzincan is based on the history of rail transport . Now Erzincan Station of the region’s most important transportation hubs … Moving from Istanbul Orient Express can bring you to Erzincan .

Erzincan season , visitors are changing according to the purpose of the travel . Possible to speak of a different season for outdoor sports … Draws outdoor enthusiasts to the area for spring . The first month of autumn September, can attract lovers of trekking and hiking . Winter tourism December – March in an attractive … For those interested in culture and history in the spring , especially in April and May might suggest.

Things to Do
Those interested in history and culture in and around Erzincan can start by touring historical sites . Erzincan and the history of humanity , as well as Turkey – Islam ‘s many ruins that reflect the culture . Geopolitical importance of the region can be described with the characteristics of the architectural structure .

Caravanserais, baths, mosques, bridges , castles, a cultural and commercial center of the region for centuries, underlines that it is . Churches, historical monuments reflects the belief in Anatolia . Region attracted the attention of many civilizations and was the scene of major battles . Earthquakes have many structures , both destroyed as a result of the war .

Erzincan Castle, Castle Şirinl the city of Kemah and is protected by way of examples showing what kind of … Sheep -shaped monuments , archeology necessarily need to see the ruins of dealing with … Mama Hatun Vault , Vault father Vidinli architecturally impressive structures like … Tailoring father Cemetery, Tailor Baba Tomb , Tomb of Sultan Gazi people are fascinated with nature and history . Tailoring a father he stood at the entrance to the cemetery , you should look to the dome . Here , an Eastern tale wrought ! Hasankeyf blowing towards the north from the warm , beautiful , full of humanity, a wind …

Churches do not forget … In Kemah Rock Church reminds people Ihlara Valley . Virgin Mary Church, Voriç Church, with the surviving structures today are quite impressive … Itself needs to be examined separately in Kemah district can call a local church Taşdibi made ​​in the first period of Christianity . Ice cave attracts with bath in Kemah , such as dome structures can also encountered . If so late in Erzincan , Kemah district should reserve one day . Ilic in the village near Altıntepe has many important ruins . Unfortunately, in sufficient number and nature of excavations in this environment yet . The mystery of your head while rotating , just sprained your house can also bırakılmışlıg .

Saints , the castle district , attracting attention with Kemali also must dedicate at least one day per head . County’s unique architecture will immediately catch your eye . Endicia , Topkapi known for its castles , such as the county and Ala Cave legends Kadısu been the cradle . Buy in Cave corridors is still a mystery . Otlukbeli passed the War graves and battle area in the district Otlukbeli who are interested in history where it might be … Other than that surrounding the ruins Abrenk we encourage you to visit such places .

Erzincan Erzincan Ilıcasu famous for health arrivals are subject to doubt. Horhor many medicinal mineral water in the area of water resources is just one of the accepted … Otlukbeli the therapeutic effect of Lake in the language of the locals …

Wining and Dining
Erzincan pastry dishes highlighted . Tarhana , jams, pickles … meat dishes are hallmarks of Erzincan tableware , special cooking methods and spices are benzersizleş .

Erzincan cuisine , Persian cuisine and also carries traces of barley . Original historic fabric of the city , was also reflected in its cuisine . Results in terms of the dishes you will encounter a rich mönüyle . The prevalence of livestock and agriculture, as well as meat dishes , as well as the formation of different varieties of vegetable dishes provided . Erzincan modest in many restaurants where you can eat home-cooked food will come across . Erzincan yummy stuffed grape leaves can be eaten by the sheep’s milk yoghurt . Sour soup , and you need to look kete specialties to taste …

District of Erzincan and loved ones can take beautiful examples of handicrafts . Shopping attractions in the area over the issues that we have not go on , will be very pleased with a visitor . Various foundations and non-governmental organizations in Erzincan region-specific efforts to protect the beautiful handicrafts are doing . Copper hand embroidery is very advanced. Urn , vases, plates, very interesting … Celebrity Kemali carpets are in demand around the world . Therefore Erzincan ” travel light” elements suggest not thinking . Flying caseload may increase considerably , from those wonderful hand-woven rugs , carpets, handmade copper items to buy one of your house , you may want to take it to your friends .

Outdoor Sports
White-water rafting , paragliding , trekking, mountaineering , skiing, water skiing, mountain biking can be done in Erzincan from the major sports … Another is the excitement of white water rafting on the Euphrates . Of course , where the trail is mostly attracted professionals also have to say … Sense Strait with rafting rafting trips are chirping .

Paragliding in Turkey in the address Yaylabasi meet athletes from all over .

To make climbing frozen waterfalls in Turkey in Erzincan is the only place it should be stated . The amount of ice in the winter and adventure lovers Girlevik Falls becomes a hangout spot for climbers . Girvelik Waterfall in spring and autumn should see . Those interested in nature photography from the beauty of this natural wonder will be very impressed .

Erzincan Plain, as well as famous , Keb Lake Dam , Reservoir Tercan environment ideal for hiking … In addition, the surrounding lake water skiing even done . Water skiing on Lake Tercan a tradition now … Eastern Anatolia Water Ski Championship Cup is taking place here . Ekşisu kayaking in common. River cruises, this is an ideal spot for fishing … Around Kemah , Kemali canyons in the vicinity of the town of favorite places of interest in caving …

Erzincan surrounding mountains , and hunting , as well as attracting the attention of mountaineering enthusiasts . Ideal for trekking in the highlands … Munzer and around Mountain climbing , paragliding events are being held . This is also an ideal spot for mountain biking … Showing the development of camping areas in the region .

Winter sports, in Erzincan is developing day by day . Sakaltutan offers different options to kayaksever during the winter months . Yıldırım Akbulut welcomes those interested in winter sports facilities .

Erzincan important for those interested in extreme sports associations and organizations also available … Specialized Erzincan Mountaineering and Skiing Club, Munzer- Euphrates Nature Sports Association is bringing human nature has to offer excitement .

Erzincan, horseback riding, equestrian sports are also popular. This issue also demonstrates the effectiveness of Erzincan Equestrian Sports Specialization Club .

If you are interested in extreme sports and still have not seen it go , you can be sure in advance : One day, you will surely fall in Erzincan .

The number of health facilities in Erzincan has increased in the last decade . State hospitals , as well as improved health services at military hospitals and gives SSK Hospital . Health centers, dispensaries Red Crescent as well as state-owned organizations , private health organizations are also quite active …

As well as in Erzincan , towns and villages are given a special attention to the health service . Especially in terms of the development of extreme sports in the region and it has been correctly identified increased health investments . Emergency ambulance service for the last five years the number of ambulances developed and enhanced . Risk awareness about extreme sports created a special importance is given to the subject , and also to prevent life-threatening result of conscious and transmitter measures are taken.

Bayburt , Gumushane, Erzurum , Tunceli

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: -11 / 1 February: -3 / 4 March: 0 /11
April : 5 /17 May : 8/ 21 June : 13/30
July : 15/ 31 August : 15/34 September: 10/26
October: 6/20 November: -1/10 Range: -5 / 6
Holidays with Children
This is an exciting city to come with the children actually not a very good idea … Erzincan which is great both in terms of area history , and unfortunately go without recognizing the nature … Therefore, families with children at home if possible, should leave little . Guests arriving for the cultural values ​​of this clean, safe city, especially during the spring months can make a family vacation , you can enjoy the picnic area , can fly a kite in the highlands . But the wilderness of Erzincan , a city of mysterious caves are still to be discovered childless adults can get pleasure from a vacation more

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