General Information
“History dating from the Bronze Age to the Hittite period ..”

Part of Central Anatolia, the Black Sea Region is located in the transition. City of the general geological structure occurs quite scattered and uneven agriculture is seen as a disadvantage. With 1117 meters of the lowest mountain steppe Mountain, 2565 meters is the highest mountain is Mount Ilgaz. Plain is very small. Çankırı opened to tourism activities rather than domestic tourism, outbound tourism, but enough to be introduced could not be opened because of me. However, Ilgaz Mountain, including in particular are natural and thermal charm.

Continental climate prevails. Çankırı Central, District of Ilgaz and leafy cool winters, summers are mild. Each season rains. (Cold semi-continental climate type) The annual average temperature is around 9-12 deg. It is recommended to visit the spring and summer months. Besides Ilgaz Mountain located in this region for the ski season adds a special meaning to your holiday.

Eastern Anatolia and the Black Sea to Istanbul starting the E-80 highway passes through Çankırı. The bus station is in the town center. If you prefer Ankara and Zonguldak railway transport facilities to include. Train Station in the city center. There is no airport, but using the 130 km to Ankara Esenboga airport. After a distance of Çankırı are available.

So far, the widespread scientific and archaeological excavations on the mound and tumulus in the environment, although there are surface finds, Çankırı from the Neolithic revolution (7000-5000 BC) since it reveals the presence of an uninterrupted settlement. Especially in the Early Bronze Age (3000-2000 BC) to the settlements as found in all regions, with the Red River environmental aspect into these streams involved in major rivers are located many Hittite resettlement.
ÇANKIRI BC Sitting in the province of Ankara and Çankırı present a range of Galatians time that the office was called gangrene and this name until today has undergone changes in the language of the people. According to Galati language to gangrene “Goat plenty Hometown” means.

Things to Do
Çankırı castle, is built on a small hill north of the city. Romans, Byzantines, Danışmentliler, Seljuk and Ottoman period famous for its robustness in the present structure, nothing more than a few city walls are left. Quadrangular ramparts of the castle, which is a mixture of rubble and brick. Great Mosque, Taşmescit, Emir Karatekin Beyer and shrine, madrasahs, tombs, Kırkpınar springs (Ilgaz Mountain) Nightingale fountain promenade, Karaören pond promenade, salt cave landmarks include.

Wining and Dining
ÇANKIRI the local dishes dumplings (ravioli), tarhana soup, pancakes, cizleme, casseroles, clot, harmandaş, the feet fit vaccines, walnut paste, tsetse pastry, crimping, keşkek, playing, drawing halva, baklava be considered.

Carpets woven on hand looms in çankırı and small ornaments can be purchased from.

Outdoor Sports
In Ilgaz Mountain Skiing, hiking, horseback and on foot in Kirkpinar springs, hiking, scenic viewing, camping, caravanning, photography, done activities such as hiking.

Çavundur Thermal Supply Leaded Çavundur County town located in the thermal springs at a temperature of 54 ° C, 47 L / sec. Water stands out. 1.5 gerede-Samsun highway, leaded 9, Çankırı 90 Km. within resources operated by municipalities around the 2 pools and a 115-bed hostel accommodation units are privately owned with. Depending on the nature of the alkaline drinking cures case evaluation form liver, gall bladder and ways in failure, jaundice, liver function deteriorated after the restatement of chronic diseases associated with the pancreas, may be useful in diabetez mellitus and gout. Chronic stomach, intestine, kidney and urinary tract infections can be used in the inhibition of the formation of kidney stones.

Ankara, Istanbul, Kastamonu, Corum.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: -7/1 February: -5 / 1 March: 1/12
April 4/19 May: 8/28 June: 12/28
July: 13/30 August: 16/35 September: 10/25
October: 7/19 November: 0/10 Range: -3 / 6
Special Days
In Çankırı events are celebrated regularly every year. Leafy Oil Wrestling and Highland Festival (June), Maruf Village Oiled Wrestling (June), Eldivan Cherry Festival and Haji Murad-i Veli Commemoration Week (June), Red River Melon Festival (August), Atatürk’s Check in ÇANKIRI, Hat Revolution and Karatekin Culture and Art Festival (August), Çerkeş Livestock and Products Festival (August).

  1. Die Orte, die wir auf unserer vorherigen Reise gesehen haben, sollten unbedingt besucht werden, Sie haben unsere Erinnerungen aufgefrischt.

  2. Les endroits que nous avons vus lors de notre précédent voyage devraient vraiment être visités, vous avez rafraîchi nos souvenirs.


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