General Information
” Beautiful city in the valley .. ”

Bitlis is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region , to the west of Lake Van . Name of Alexander the Great King of Macedonia , the commander yaptırt stronghold in the city comes from Bedlis . The historical structure is set in a valley on the weight of the ” beautiful city in the valley ,” he referred to . Air , captivating natural beauty, winter white, green image type Bitlis with a “heaven on earth ” is. Nemrut Crater Lake , the shores of Lake Van , the many lakes of various sizes , Suphan Mountain and other beauty untouched has tourism potential .

Located in a mountainous region far from the sea and harsh climate features are seen in the province of Bitlis . Winters are long , cold and snowy , while summers are hot and dry . On the shores of Lake Van, the lake’s climate as a result of softening the shoreline areas of the lake with lake effect partial differences are seen in remote areas . For this reason, the choice of Bitlis in winter skiing and quiet nature exhibits a distinct beauty in this season .. Summer picnic at the lake or stroll around the lush summer season can be an alternative to .

East, Southeast and Central Anatolia is located in the center of the road connecting . This care is the transition point from the Bitlis province . Mediterranean Gaziantep, Diyarbakır and the Caucasus to Iran via ground transportation highway that connects and intense TR 45 km from Bitlis- Baykan . Aliquot of Bitlis river valley following the steep and winding route is followed . Train passenger and freight transport is made more . Rail transport is slow due to the transport of passengers are not preferred . However, due to cheap and safe passenger transport is preferred. Istanbul – 1505 km from Bitlis . dr.

Bitlis BC It was the residential area of Urartu in 400 . Beginning with the 11th century during the Turkish invasion of Anatolia , which has become an important stopover place on these dates Alpaslan and hordes of guests who Ahlat t Bitlis, Turkey has an important role in the opening of the Anatolia . opened their arms to various civilizations throughout history in Bitlis, belonging to this period many castles, mosques, schools, bridges and structures are caravanserai . Therefore, interleaved with the remains of past civilizations is possible to experience art and culture .

Things to Do
Bitlis Bitlis castle from the arms of the water at the junction of two streams , rugged rock is on . Around 2800, height 25 to 30 , the wall thickness of 4-6 m. is up . İHLAS madrasa was built by the Seljuks in the history of 1216 . Bitlis structures that are larger in terms of architecture and is the most remarkable .
Goodwill Complex was built in 1528 by 4.şerefh . Mosques, madrasas, mausoleums and consists of a soup kitchen . Nemrut Crater Lake is a wonder of the world . The lake consists of one large and two small earth, boiling hot water and steam leaks observed in the mountains of central volcanic vents 68 units were identified .
Orders flourishing pear – Vault is one of Bitlis other goodies to be seen .

Wining and Dining
Bitlis, where the culture of food is so rich ilm reserved. Heavy meals , is costly and inconvenient . Kibbeh , halise , stuffed cabbage , stuffed zucchini , keşkek, shorts , the shorts patties , chloric ( juicy dumplings) , gari vaccine , pickles vaccine , the supplemented stuffed with yogurt papper , pişrük , pumpkin Borann regional dishes are some of the … usually in the region of meat weight is a food culture in the city center when in restaurants or in homes where guests will find the opportunity to taste regional home cooking .

Handicrafts are quite advanced in the region . Eastern culture is evident in crafts . Bitlis GEJ called local fabrics , rugs and saddlebags, aba, Bitlis belt called the folk dances as accessories used a fabric , carpet, rug weaving , as well as bastonculuk , pottery, copper work , needle and bead embroidery that is called crafts are quite common. Small shops in the city center are available .

Outdoor Sports
Eastern Anatolia within the boundaries of the lake most of the provinces Bitliste . In the province of Van , Gentle , Ari’s Stallion and Nimrod are crater lakes . Fed from the surrounding streams and lakes are not open to the outside of one foot of water is alkaline and salty . Ari formed separated from Lake Van Lake and the salty water of the sodium hydroxide solution . For this reason, it is not suitable for swimming . Snow level is high compared to other regions in the province and the length of stay in place for winter sports and winter tourism provides an important opportunity for . In this regard skiing sports in the province is successful and widely held . In the region, climbing , trekking and camping are among extreme sports to do .

A large number of Bitlis and the healing waters of the hot springs are . Alemdar Spas , Mills drink , spa and hot springs of the ( Germiab ) , KUC Spas are only a few of them . Alemdar Thermal Springs, the water temperature , 15 ° and city center. Mineral used. Water is smelling sulfur . Are useful in the treatment of skin diseases . Mill Drinking Water temperature: 13 ° C, and in the city center . It is used as mineral . It is good for skin diseases . There is no on site . Ilıcak Spas 44 ° C depending on the county office , spa and village. Bitlis 26 km . away. Water , a little out of the pool , a large pool empties. There are no facilities around . Is healing skin diseases . KUCUR 23 ° C, and the hot springs , is a neighborhood in the city center stone . It is beneficial for rheumatism and skin diseases .

Muş , Van, Siirt, Diyarbakir .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: -8 / 0 February: -4/2 March: -1 / 7
April: 4/14 May: 8/20 June: 12/29
July: 15/30 August: 18/33 September: 10/26
October : 6/ 17 November : 0/ 9 December : -2 / 6
special Days
Atatürk’s arrival in Bitlis November 13 at the City stadium in October year 3 kutlanır.h week as the Walnut Festival , August 20 to 23 as Ahlat te Culture Week , August 8 in te city of Bitlis Independence is celebrated on stayum . In addition, between June 30-July 24 Tatvan Fair is held in East Anatolia .

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