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” The point of intersection of the resort, ” Constitutive many historical, cultural and natural beauty with host Aydin district , one of the most important centers of Turkish tourism … Kuşadası, Didim Turkey’s most vibrant districts as well as interesting places to visit in Aydın There are many places to be …

Intellectuals and the environment are excited , especially since April , the season lasts until the end of October . In the summer, in July and August, foreign and domestic many visitors flock to the area . From the city center, this movement had its share Although not too much , a great energy and vitality effect is felt everywhere . Nature and cultural characteristics in the spring attracts visitors with provinces , winter is left to the resident population . In which the influence of the Mediterranean climate regions , winters are mild and rainy summers hot and dry … Antalya cooler than the summer season , but this is especially for those who suffer from scorching heat of a feature is more preferable …

Istanbul, Ankara , Izmir, Canakkale , as well as many other major cities such as point- to Aydın province and can be reached by direct bus . Those who prefer the Seaway can use the port of Kusadasi . Kuşadası and Didim bustling place in the summer in terms of maritime … Yacht tourism has also improved … Sea voyages to the Greek islands in the port of Kusadasi is done.

Aydin rich history in many ways … a city bearing placements here, BC Started in 7000 . The first traces of the city-state are found here . Aegean, Mediterranean and Anatolian tribes have established civilization in this region . Traces of the Hittites settled then covered with the remains of civilization as Ion . Ions in the region have established coastal town , port forward on trade went through , what they gain from trade also have access to a civilization culturally significant . Lydian Kingdom and the region’s art, philosophy contributed to the development in such areas . Agriculture in the fertile soil of the valley of Büyük Menderes made, they have been exported to Mediterranean countries . Lydia is also the world’s first money printed by the government . Lydians, Persians not resist the invasion of the region’s brightest period has come to an end . Persians destroyed the Macedonian king Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic period began the region’s artistic, scientific and philosophical development continued as in the old days . BC 1 century Roman domination began impetus to trade in the region was the establishment of the Eastern Roman or Byzantine ensure the continued stability of the region have . In this period also produced a unique architectural structures , the ancient city of the Romans , whose ruins we watch our eyes kamaşarak well -preserved city . After the Turkish settlement in the region dominated Aydınoğulları . Aydınoğulları to preserve the city’s cultural center have made ​​efforts . Participating in the 14th century in the Ottoman Empire lands , EFE been the scene of the riot . Aydin , today’s modern borders of the Republic of Turkey ‘s most important resort hosting in a privileged position as a province with a …

Things to Do
Aydin, Turkey’s most sophisticated resort towns of the county … Endless beaches , five star facilities, domestic, foreign resorts, recreational and addresses of the summer indispensable … Kusadasi which is a distinct region in itself , the pearl of the event … Didim is a summer culture, historical sites and important … Ephesus, Selcuk Aydin region as harboring sorrowful history of the world has gained a reputation . The ruins of Ephesus , the House of the Virgin Mary , Selcuk not pass without seeing the seven sleepers . Yenihisar district and the nature of the region , as well as one of the important centers of cultural fabric … İzmir, Aydın be close to a center of a major transition also brought into the center . Aydin district with Merlin, Buharkent , China , Didim, Germencik , Soke , Karacasu , Watermelon , Koçarlı , Kiosk, Kuyucak , Kusadasi, Nazilli, Soke Sultanhisar and Yenipazar the characteristic qualities came to the fore . Dilek Peninsula National Park with the unique nature ! … There are many ancient cities in the region . Aphrodisias , with the flow , Alabama career , Alinda , Antioch, Dydy clients, Magnesia , Miletus, Nysa , Priene, the ancient city of Tralles not limited to our country ‘s reputation has spread all over the world . Intellectuals in terms of health tourism paradise! Gümüşköy Ilıcası , Aydin Springs, Germencik and İmamköy rheumatic disease of the healing waters of Hot Springs , variety is said to be good for your heart and skin diseases . Join in the area piers, ‘s harbor . Wood Pier and nose in them without seeing the geçmeme suggest Ophiuchus . Selcuk Aydin in the city center , dating from the Ottoman period Aydınoğulları and there are many mosques and fountains . Underlining the region’s commercial center a valuable structure , the Mehmed Pasha Caravanserai … Aydin Museum of residues important in the region were brought together by a central … Those interested in history should not necessarily an unusual museum ! Intelligentsia and crafts, both in terms of architecture aimed at a different location to see if the near Kusadasi are advised to visit the village of Cherry .

Wining and Dining
You can witness many decent restaurants in Aydın … Engaged in the Aegean dishes , the restaurant offers home-cooked food available … Of course , the surrounding area is developed province also plenty of fast food restaurants would come across. Especially if you want to relax and savor specialties , we also pay a visit to Sea Restaurant . The restaurant also offers better options you can sarıoğlu . There are many unique dishes intellectuals . Poppyseed bread, leading to their … You will not find sold in bakeries , but you can see that way . Lasts longer , it just does not go stale . Aydin is also famous for the jam . Hospitalized with lime eggplant jam made ​​is very delicious. Fig jam also a specialty in itself ! .. Rounding and Aydin also suggest you try the ravioli .

Aydin is not more ambitious in nightlife … More local headquarters in the foreground … Especially in the summer rather stand out in the nightlife districts . For example, Kusadasi … Especially if you want to enjoy the nightlife , you must visit to Kusadasi . Pınarbaşı’ndaki Reach Cascade Café Café and places where you can spend a pleasant time to stop by in the evening …

Outdoor Sports
Intellectuals and all kinds of sea sports around is done. Swimming , sailing, surfing, scuba diving, parasailing in demand during the summer months … Water skiing, sports such as kayaking is developing day by day . Intellectuals in various towns and villages trekking, hiking common … Especially in the summer diving tours are organized in the region . The region is very rich in terms of camping areas … Tavşanburnu , frequented by those who want to be alone with nature, a nature’s paradise that is the point … those interested in nature photography and in the districts of Aydın , will feel that they found the right place .

Intellectuals and the state in both hospital and outpatient clinics in a number of private institutions are connected to . In the region to carry an element of risk in terms of health is not a feature , visitors can feel comfortable . Not only for Aydin , this also applies to county depending … Very high standards in terms of health institutions , both domestic as well as foreign visitors be able to receive a full-fledged health services ..

Didim, Kusadasi, Izmir , Mugla

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January: 2/11 February: 5/13 March: 8/17
April: 11/23 May: 14/28 June: 18/33
July: 21/35 August: 21/36 September: 18/31
October: 13/26 November: 7/18 Range: 7/15

  1. Думаю, в этой стране есть много мест, которые стоит посетить.

  2. Места, которые мы видели в предыдущей поездке, действительно стоит посетить, вы освежили наши воспоминания.

  3. Места, которые мы видели в предыдущей поездке, действительно стоит посетить, вы освежили наши воспоминания.


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