Uludag is located in the South Marmara Region in Uludag National Park. It is 36 km from Bursa, and 150 km from Istanbul. The ski center is a 40 minute drive from Bursa or a 60 minute drive from the airport.

The skiing area of Uludag is 1750 2543 m high and covered with forests. The duration of skiing is 120 days a year. The most suitable skiing conditions are between 20 December and 20 March. The average snow fall is 3 m in winter. At the beginning of the season the type of snow is “powdery snow” and at the end of the season the snow characteristic is slightly “slushy.”


This center has suitable conditions for Alpine skiing, ski touring, cross country and heli-skiing. Uludag Ski Center is equipped with I cablecar, 5 chairlifts and 7 T bars. Qualified skiing instructors and equipment for hire are available. The center has first aid facilities and a rural clinic. Accommodations can be booked directly. Note: In foggy conditions it is essential especially for amateur skiers not to wander outside the marked slopes and areas.


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