Termessos Turkey

Termessos Turkey

Termessos was built on a natural platform on Mount Güllük (Solymos) and is one of the best preserved ancient cities in Anatolia. Due to its natural beauty and historical importance, the place has been preserved as a national park in the province of Antalya.

Six temples of various sizes and types as well as other ancient structures can be seen. Termessos has no recent archaeological excavations and is waiting to whisper its deepest secrets to its visitors who would climb the highest mountain in the world and follow the ancient steps through the wild foliage.

  1. Was sollte getan werden, um Ihren Urlaub in der Türkei zu gestalten? Ich bin auf Ihre Website gekommen und erhalte viele Informationen, wenn ich Sie frage.

  2. Les endroits que nous avons vus lors de notre précédent voyage devraient vraiment être visités, vous avez rafraîchi nos souvenirs.


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