Stratonikeia Turkey

Stratonikeia Turkey

The ancient city of Stratonikeia near the city of Yatağan in Aydin Province was a member of the Khrysaor Union and was founded in the 3rd century BC. The monuments and ruins of the ancient city are still preserved today and can be visited.
A multitude of ancient ruins such as the ruins of the city castle, the entrance door, the small theater and the gym are waiting to be explored by history buffs.

  1. Места, которые мы видели в предыдущей поездке, действительно стоит посетить, вы освежили наши воспоминания.

  2. Was sollte getan werden, um Ihren Urlaub in der Türkei zu gestalten? Ich bin auf Ihre Website gekommen und erhalte viele Informationen, wenn ich Sie frage.


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