Knidos Turkey

Knidos Turkey

Knidos is one of the most important settlements of ancient times and is located on the edge of the Datça Peninsula, a district of Muğla known for its natural wonders. Once the center of art, architecture, and science, the city is known not only for its scientists, but also for its Alexandria Lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
Knidos is a seaside resort surrounded by ancient monuments. There are many ruins here such as the Temple of Apollo and the round temples, sacred groves, the necropolis, the hill houses and the largest tomb of ancient times.

  1. Was sollte getan werden, um Ihren Urlaub in der Türkei zu gestalten? Ich bin auf Ihre Website gekommen und erhalte viele Informationen, wenn ich Sie frage.

  2. Я спрашиваю, почему я приехал в Турцию до сих пор. Приду при первой же возможности.

  3. Que faut-il faire pour rendre vos vacances en Turquie? Je suis venu sur votre site et je reçois beaucoup d’informations en demandant.


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