Sagalassos Turkey

Sagalassos Turkey

The archaeological site of Sagalassos is located in southwest Turkey near the present-day city of Ağlasun (Burdur Province). About 110 km north of the well-known port and holiday resort of Antalya.

Large-scale excavations began in 1990. Most of the buildings in Sagalassos date from the Hellenistic and Roman times and are well preserved. One of them is the large theater with a capacity of 9,000 people. This is a theater at the highest altitude in the world. The city has many tombs carved into the rock, a library, heroon, bouleterion (city council), temples, baths, agoras (market square) and monumental fountains that are also intact or restored. Many marble sculptures found during the excavations and belonging to ancient gods such as Ares, Heracles, Hermes, Zeus, Athene and Poseidon, as well as colossal statues of Emperor Hadrian, Emperor Marcus Aurelius and Faustina as the wife of Emperor Antoninus Pius are one of the best examples of these Art in Anatolia.


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