Dalaman Map

Dalaman Map

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General Information
” Dalaman amazes everyone with breathtaking views ! ”

Immaculate coast , attracts tourists with historic beauty …
Dalaman from October to April is the best time to wearing … But thanks to the spa facilities in the region a preferred avenue Dalaman in winter …
Dalaman airport is located , with easy access by air at … There are daily direct flights to Dalaman in Istanbul . Those who prefer the road , past the clumsy Muğla Marmaris after the bend in the road extending in the direction of deviation from the left , towards the direction of Fethiye recommend them …. You are Dalaman’d after about 70 miles .
There are many historical ruins around Dalaman . Kapıdağı Lidai , Lissay , Cry and Cleopatra Baths , cheers at Kalyn and tombs, at Gökdağ Lycian rock caves , Kayadibi the Lycian rock tombs must-see among the ruins … Kavacık and Bozbel Hippokome the ancient city ‘s .
Things to Do
Nature, sea and the city , which dates from Dalaman airport, with entry into service began to get more visitors . Located in the magnificent bays of the peninsula , especially Kapıdağı , has long been the haunt of Blue Cruise enthusiasts . Dalaman with breathtaking bay views , cool springs , rafting paradise Dalaman River , thermals , with its ancient ruins of any kind , something that appeals to people from all walks host in do … Dalaman River , the last year of the popular rafting … ferrous Village, Akköprü starting from position to position the front sight in the park , as well as the thrill of rafting with fascinating natural scenery might be of interest . Kapıdağı Göbün Peninsula , Büngüş , Sıralıbük and beauty as Taşyaka hosts. Baba Island , Nar Island and crackers scattered on blue Island with unique beauty , they form a spectacular sight . Neighbbourhood a day of your vacation if you reserve a ride you will not forget for a long time you will encounter things of beauty . Dalyan, Dalaman “a very close … about 35 km Ones ” has a distance . Dalyan ” the caretta caretta ” They lay their eggs in the famous Iztuzu Beach “, the Koycegiz lake located in the side of the Mud Bath ” s not necessarily the ancient city of Caunos . 7 km “long sandy beach and the sparkling sea Dalaman Sarigerme ” very close to a holiday in paradise …
Outdoor Sports
Rafting enthusiasts first thing that came to mind when talking about Dalaman Dalaman guess … Ancient name INDOS Dalaman River Rafting in Turkey and made ​​a total of 229 km of rivers , the river carries more tourists … özelliğinesahip be one of the many rafting tours are organized in the region . To participate in this tour do not need to have experience . Professional guides will accompany those who wish . Trans Nature, Alternative Tourism , Get Wet from Dalaman River rafting tour agencies that regulate some of the … tour of the
Near about 50 DM per person prices …
Gocek, Fethiye, Marmaris , Koycegiz .

  1. Я спрашиваю, почему я приехал в Турцию до сих пор. Приду при первой же возможности.

  2. I luoghi che abbiamo visto nel nostro viaggio precedente dovrebbero davvero essere visitati, hai rinfrescato i nostri ricordi.


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