Bandırma Map

Bandırma Map

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General Information
” Drifting is a port city ”

Banda is located in the south of the Marmara region , in the province of Balikesir quite large and well developed port city of … The wind of summer and winter time in a row , with bustling streets rather than a county in Banda , has a great view of the city .
The ideal season to see Banda summer … Banda is effective in all seasons of the year the wind is unbearable during the winter months . Despite this, in and around Banda , autumn and winter experience with the amazingly beautiful nature scenes . Especially Bird Sanctuary and the environment is an ideal place for nature photographers …
Located on the Gulf city of Banda Banda , to be built on a busy road , and also because it is very important to have a port access road with a wide variety of … Lot is located on an important route between cities at the same time also one of the busiest stops … Banda ‘s about 6.5 hours by bus from Istanbul today, with fast ferries can be reached only 1.5 hours .

Banda Sea , as well as ways you can reach by train . If you prefer the side of the road , on a road that connects all the major cities of Canakkale was the time of Banda with many bus companies also are available .
Banda ‘s not known exactly when it was founded . According to some sources Banda , BC 8 or 9 century Kapıdağ Peninsula is located in the city of Cyzicus was founded on the same dates . But also a lot of information on the founding of the city of Cyzicus not found . The only thing known about the city , was founded by Dolio migrating from Thessalia …

The end of the War of Independence in 1922, where a great deal of importance in terms of being in Banda , as a symbol of this historic monument ‘s Last Bullet .
Things to Do
Banda You must be a walk in the first beach and breakwater . Banda than a resort , an industrial and port city in the mood … Starting from the entrance of the city, even all the way around to the factories in Banda can even come across . Nevertheless, in some places you will encounter spectacular images of nature .

Incidentally, about 18 km from Banda Bird Paradise National Park, you should definitely go . To do this, Banda – Balikesir – Canakkale about whether to continue in the direction from the junction 15 of Balikesir miles you come across in the Bird Sanctuary should follow the signs . Bird Sanctuary and in places where the reeds view hundreds would have a spectacular view of the willow tree in rainy weather .

Again, around Lake Manyas Hellenistic ‘s thought to be an ancient city . An ancient city located in Banda Another one of the great civilizations of the ancient world that has hosted Kyzikos … Banda- Erdek ‘s on the road at a distance of 7-8 minutes . Places , which are spread over a wide area and are found in the ruins of the city , but the case remains mostly ruins .. There are occasional lapses excavations in the city . A large part of the city today due to various natural disasters, wars and is thought to be under the earth . Here you can see a ten minute walk to the Temple of Hadriaunus .
Wining and Dining
Banda is a haven for fish in one word … Here you want you can eat any kind of fish from September . Should be removed from the Marmara Sea as well as fish from Lake Manyas adorn tables at restaurants . In September, the fishing ban until the end of seabream , seabass , you can eat fish, such as Business yours . Other times here bluefish, bonito , snapper , bream , mackerel have the opportunity to eat all kinds of fish . We suggest you place the fish in the Sea Fish Restaurant .. IDO is located right next to the Pier restaurant with spectacular views , the menu is a seafood restaurant with exactly ! .. Also along the street , in places, barracks -style seafood restaurants can be found in many more . Raki – fish – especially around here in the winter nights to enjoy conversation lasts until morning .

If you intend to eat pizza , you must visit the Cultural Center next to the crystal . Cultural Center of the cage sit in cafes watching the rain banana milk , try a special … And remember , Sütevi , he’s unchanging , enjoying the magnificent profiterole surely taste !
Banda is creating the impression that many people in the metropolitan aspect … One of these aspects of the area’s shopping opportunities … Along the main street has many shops and shopping center in Banda … Pehlivanoğlu in the region ‘s big supermarkets like Migros .
Banda winter ‘s night life , especially the movement. Small fish restaurants , with your loved ones , sipping raki accompanied chapters can experience a fun night . Eken Prestige Hotel ‘s disco frequented by young people in particular places. Extremely crowded on weekends and mobile Prestige Prestige Those who wish to spend the night in a quieter bar can now .

When you walk right up the street from the main street of Banda later you will come across extremely warm and friendly bar . At this bar called Winter Hill there’s no way to take the loneliness . In summer, just 15 minutes away from the bustling nightlife of Erdek can hang out .
Outdoor Sports
You can find numerous trails for trekking in Banda . Furthermore, especially in the morning walks on the beach and do in Livaty possible side … Again, an extremely convenient place to do nature photography Banda … Bird Sanctuary , as well as your vehicle while trekking or going places you will encounter spectacular nature images can be photographed .
Banda most important thing to consider in the summer and winter wind … Breakwaters can be very pleasant to do but walk the walk when you come to do your side to protect you from the wind and rain clothes should be.
Karacabey , Beşiktaş , Manyas
Holidays with Children
If you have suffered Banda into a holiday with you there are many things your child needs to see you here . In particular, the National Park and Bird Sanctuary and educational environment will be highly enjoyable for children . Approximately 250 species of birds visiting the park where the most suitable for the summer season … A portion of a large portion of migrant birds that can be seen together in this season .

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