Akçay Map

Akçay Map

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General Information
” North Aegean put a paradise … ”

10 km from Edremit . away. The coastline is , is partly gravel . Springing up all over the sweet , cold waters and groundwater is famous for . Water resources of the region famous for its underground water is very cold . Edremit with clean water and proper accommodation conditions , domestic tourism among the most preferred areas are located.

During the summer months the population of the borough is increasing 10 times . Especially during the summer months summer holiday revive the town with a bustling summer season passed .

” Prehistoric colony founded by the city .. ”
Balıkesir and environment of prehistoric MÖ.3200 the years until today that there were settlements anlaşılmaktadır.mö.2000 in the years coming through the Balkans Pelasg colony they established görülür.b date from the Turks until Mysia , known as the region of Cyzicus , Daskyleion Antandros such important ancient cities are known to exist .
Things to Do
What’s where ?

Antandros Kaz Mountains are situated on a hill near the south Altınoluk’a . Kent, a castle on a hill and is surrounded by a cemetery on the western slope .

Pınarbaşı within the boundaries of the neighboring village 6 km from Edremit . from a picnic area. Plenty of ice-cold water flowing down the slope and is the ideal spot to cool off in the summer . Is operated by the Department of Forestry . A trout farm in the picnic area is also available.
Wining and Dining
The region’s local food salad with very ünlüdür.börül , I höşmel , sop , mafiş , grocery tarhana , keskek can taste local delicacies are certain .
” Olive oil Borough .. ”
Olives and olive oil , which is one of the best known address in North Aegean from Edremit olives and olive oil we recommend you not to go without . Besides local firms engaged in oil production in the region, there are also large factories .
In a quiet and peaceful environment in the waist can spend your holiday by the sea, where you can sip your drink along with a seasonal bar and restaurant where you can taste the region’s fish and other foods you can find a nice restaurant s .
Outdoor Sports
Kaz Mountains in the north of the Gulf of Edremit nature , history and values ​​of beauty , scenic viewing, flora-fauna richness and abundant water resources and has great value . Kaz Mountains in the distance of 125 km from the center of Balikesir . length of 30 km. which Şahinderesi Canyon Off-road Jeep safari or are eligible for . In addition, the yapılabilir.dağcılık and Trekking Paragliding trails are suitable . Spruce Plateau, Hisartepe , like Madre Mountains .
Gonen in the town ‘s spa has a very old history . Natural springs 275 m. have made in the catchment depth of the atmosphere, the waters were separated. Therefore, the hot spring water in the world in a way very few pure, clean , and remained without losing its properties . Edremit Edremit 3 km to the neighboring hot springs . wherein the water temperature is 65 degrees away . Skin diseases, gynecological diseases , gout, arthritis, psoriasis , kidney stones and sand are good for the liver disease .

Edremit , BURHANİYE , Havran .

Province of Balıkesir

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