Turkey Unique festivals
Turkey clearly festivals are absolutely wonderful . Turkish people love to celebrate and we have our own way of doing it , some events that showcase the landscape.

We also have many unique Turkish festivals, celebrating both timeless traditions and contemporary practices .
Traditional Turkish Festival
Join the Traditioanal Ahirkapi Hidirellez festival to celebrate the arrival of spring . Or learn more about Rumi’s thoughts of the great saint Sufica , is one of the world’s greatest philosopher and the father of the Mevlevi sect . Mevlana dervishes festival , the music – dancing , listening and spiritual experience fuse together during the dance of the dervishes .

Connect with people in Mesa to celebrate the festival of Manipur , it’s so funny to catch them , Mesa Power is also known as chewing gum.

Experience the Polonezköy Cherry Festival to celebrate the culture and tradition of the Polish community in Istanbul , Turkey.

The aim of Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival is to enable the participants and visitors , mixed seaside activities , sports, exhibitions and entertainment with regional and international cultural experience.

Come on, a part of the Turkish Festival to be unique to Turkey and visit us .


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