General Information
” Historic treasures, underground cities .. ”

The scene of various civilizations for thousands of years Kırşehir alone, several historical monuments, underground cities, not rich thermal sources, Saif Lake ( Bird Sanctuary ) with natural beauty as well as noteworthy.

KIRSEHIR tourism sector has not yet developed . But tourists will enjoy the natural beauty and has many historical monuments . There is a continental climate of KIRSEHIR . Winter is cold and hard as lapses in Eastern Anatolia is not continuous . Summers are hot and dry, spring rain , autumn is overcast . Kirşehir , which is considered an open air museum in the summer season is that we recommend you visit .

Whether the middle of Central Anatolia region Tectonophysics, east to west , from the north on the southbound road transportation network of our country have, therefore most of the provinces are easily accessible . KIRSEHIR ‘s current transportation is done by road . 70 km to the nearest railway is Yerköy . Tuzköy nearest airport , 60 km from Nevsehir, Kayseri, Ankara Esenboga Airport, 200 km from 130 km away. From west to east and connects the major highways , the Ankara- Kayseri highway passes through the province . All towns are connected by asphalt road . Kırşehir connection with its towns and villages in all seasons. All towns there are regular buses from the buses .

Kırşehir and investigations around the province ‘s history , the Early Bronze Age ( 3000-2000 BC) indicate that extends up . Then the Hittites, Phrygians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans , Byzantines , Seljuks and Ottomans ruled in the region . Anatolia’s commercial and economic life of Ahi , who has played a major role , in the 13th century was established in Kirşehir . Akhism an artisan organization, foundation , mutual help and respect is based .

Things to Do
Kırşehir – Saif Lake Nature Conservation Area as has been announced. Found here , especially flamingos , gray heron, ruddy shelduck , drake, gray duck, pochard , mallard , Hungarian duck, pintail , crane , toy, avocets, Slender-billed gulls , laughing tern, marsh swallow , akger the plovers , great plovers spurred lapwing , redshank There are a total of 167 species of water birds . Absolute is a place to be seen . Castle Mound Çağirkan Kirşehir- Kaman on the highway , the town of Kaman 9 is Çağirkan in km.uzaklık . From 3000 BC until the Islamic period has been inhabited . Central Kalehoyuk , Kalehoyuk in the city center , starting from the period before Christ until today has been inhabited . Debris Underground City , Mucur underground city located in the town center , MS 3 and was established in 4th century . 7-8 m from the ground . In this city at a depth of 42 guest rooms, corridors , barns, places of worship, secret passageways and ventilation shafts are available. Goat Castle , Tectonophysics Kızılca connected to the center of the village in the northeast. The castle was built by the Byzantines and the present height of the wall remains 2-3 m. Kırşehir one of the largest castles .

Wining and Dining
Tonir pot trotters , keşkef need to try to do . Eating pasta , meat and dairy products are based on . For consumption in rural areas, beans, tomatoes, peppers , eggplant vegetables are grown. Although it lost its former importance of viticulture grapes, apricot, berry-like fruits are an important part of the local diet . Noodles , tomato paste, molasses its place as the food is best left to market products . Plum, apricot , apricots and apples in the region to ” encrypt ” is called. Apple is dried in the sun outside , winter is eaten as a snack or compote . Apples, pears and grapes “winter” special varieties are also grown. Grapes and pears ” cluster ” method is dried ; fruits with stems are collected and kept in the sun a day . After stems are soft thick rope hanging from the ceiling in the cellar or pantry is sequenced , is stored. Dried fruit desserts are made in chickpea . ” In the wicker called” apricot lubrication , one of the region’s unique dessert . Also, grape , pear, apple syrup is made from the fruit . After conversion to market-oriented production , Tectonophysics has been one of the centers of production of molasses . Molasses in the house ” is Köfler ” is made in so-called food . Fresh syrup mixed with flour and cooked. When it comes to the consistency of jelly is allowed to cool in large trays . Cools and hardens cut diamond shaped . Is stored in a dry place to prevent corruption . Again molasses ” unsinkable cat ” is a sweet called . Dry dough crumbled and put in a bowl of hot syrup is poured on to eat when cool . The region’s most common meat dish made ​​from chicken or turkey meat “çullama ” is. Chicken breast meat cooked with oil and flour with water until it is boiled to the consistency of pudding . Meats like lamb chops cooked on embers . This ” söğürme ” is called.

Kirşehir’s famous onyx stone handicraft products made ​​from can be purchased from . Carpet and rug weaving in the province is important. Industrialization and urbanization weaving is losing importance in the city center , shifted to towns and villages . Coppersmith is as vital in the past has disappeared . Traditionally the continued quarrying developed today have turned to foreign markets . City meets all gereksim coppersmith Uzunçarşı’da is being pursued .

Old volcanic geological structure and rich spa area , which is one of Kýrþehir . Terme, near Karakurt and Çiçekdağ Bulamaçli spas, skin, heart, and stomach upsets are good for rheumatism . During the summer months in remote parts of the country visit the surrounding counties and those who are filled spas . City also rich in health juices counted. But due to lack of facilities can not benefit from them .

Department of Cardiology, Yozgat, Çorum , Çankırı .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January : -5 / February 1 : -3 / 6 March: 2/13
April : 5/19 May: 8/22 June: 13/28
July 15 /29 August : 18/34 September: 11/24
October: 8/19 November: 0/10 Range: -1 / 8
Terme Thermal Tourism Center

» Location : Kýrþehir is located within the municipal boundaries .
» Water temperature : 40 degrees to 56 degrees
» PH Value: 6.2
»Features : bicarbonate , chloride, calcium , sodium, Sarbondioksitl the fluoride has a composition .
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Diaesses Treatment : Rheumatism, heart and blood circulation , women, nerve and muscle fatigue , nervous disorders , post-operative discomfort and makes a positive impact on diseases such as joint and arthritis .
» Accommodation: 3 star hotel with 200 beds are available.


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