General Information
” Mosques and history of the city of Edirne ”

Edirne, Anatolia to Europe because it is in a position that combines also has a rich culture . 18 century has been one of Europe ‘s largest seven cities . Is the capital of the Ottoman Empire, where the historical and architecturally significant structures is a plus. Edirne , mosques, religious complexes, bridges, old bazaars , caravanserais and palaces, is a living museum .
Marmara Region is located in Thrace . Edirne in general with wide plains , hills flattened its geographical position has taken place . It has a continental climate .

Edirne, two railway, highway entrance doors for a total of three (5) border gate is connected to Europe via Bulgaria and Greece . Also be on the D-100 highway , as well as Kirkpinar be the center of the festivities , as well as an important historical places with tourism potential with a capital of Çorum Province . D-100 and in recreational areas on hotels, motels and restaurants also contribute positively to this potential . It has a continental climate . Winters, showed the effect of the Mediterranean climate is warm and rainy at times , show the impact of climate and rainy when is too hard . Summers are hot and dry, rainy spring semester . In the province, the hottest months , June, July, August, December and January are the coldest months . Edirne due to travel during the summer will be much more convenient .

Things to Do
Edirne, the Aegean Sea on the coast of the Gulf of Saros on the beach , covered with a qualified coastline sahiptir.Bunu the shores of Kashan and Enez the territorial boundaries within alır.kı usage convenient to the beaches , in Kesan Sazlidere , Gökçetepe , Mecidiye , Plum , Danisment and Plateau with Enez ‘ the Karaincirli Foundation, Gülçavuş , Sultaniçe and Enez beaches. Lalapaşa district final with İ.Ö.2000 BC Dating from the beginning of 1000 ‘ dolmens ‘ ( menhirs , stone graves ) are available. During the excavations conducted some of the tools inside the grave ( tear bottle, metal jewelry) have been found and they are exhibited in the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of Edirne . There are palaces of places to visit . Sultan After the first palace built by Murad II , Sultan Mehmet II. Murad Tunca west of the period , on a very large field of Edirne Palace construction was started in 1450 . In 1451 after the death of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror was completed by his son . Among the ruins , Cihannüma Pavilion , Sand Bath Pavilion , Babusseade Matbah Amir and the Tower of Justice.

Fruit soap-making, as a symbol unique to Edirne in Turkish Culture has acquired a unique place . Used as ornaments in homes since the 17th century Edirne fruit soaps are also produced. Today we made ​​in various types of fruit scented soaps are sold as souvenirs . You must obtain them do .. This beautiful ornament varieties of culture in a so-called Edirnekari outside these regions belong to . Wood, cardboard, leather made ​​with such paints and varnishes on materials and compositions are administered in motifs . 15 Since centuries of Ottoman era used this technique for the first time today applied in Edirne , then Istanbul , Diyarbakır, Bursa, which is spread in cities like Erzurum was named as the Edirnekari .

Outdoor Sports
Often the end of June , held in early July Kırkpınar Wrestling History and Culture Activities Week lasts seven days . Historical Kırkpınar Wrestling Festival week in advance , and bearing the name of this historic organization, date last year Kırkpınar Wrestling and Cultural Activities Week, as amended. Edirne ‘s largest cultural , sports, arts organization, Kırkpınar Wrestling History and Culture Events of the Week for the first week in Edirne is an extraordinary vitality . From around the world and millions of viewers all over the country , the press , the folk dance team , artists , diplomats and dignitaries to Kırkpınar of the city.
Outside of this activity in Edirne camping, hiking and hunting are commonly made .

special Days
Sultan Nowruz Day Edirne March 21 to 22 , Mimar Sinan Memorial Day Edirne – Center on 9 April, Kırkpınar Traditional Oil Wrestling, Edirne ( Sarayiçi ) June 28-July 4 , Hunters Feast of Edirne ( Süloğlu and Lalapasa ) September ‘s First Week, Events : Enez Enez Fish Festival ‘s First Week of June


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