Turkish Visa Information

Turkish Visa Information

Most travelers can purchase a visa at any port of entry, but you must have cash. They do not accept traveler’s checks or Turkish lira. If you’d like to avoid the delay of purchasing a visa when you arrive, you can apply online.

Turkish Visa InformationAmericans and U.K. residents need visas. Visas are good for three months. There is a non-refundable processing fee of 26 USD in cash or money order for single entry or 87 USD in cash or money order for multiple entry, payable to Turkish Consulate General. Full information on these requirements is available at the Turkish Consulate Online.

Americans can reach the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. or the Consulate General offices in Los Angeles, which also has e-mail links to Consulates in Houston, Chicago and New York.

Australians and Canadians do not need visas and may stay for three months. Australians can reach the Turkish Embassy in Canberra.

Danes can reach the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen.

Germans can reach the Turkish Embassy in Bonn.

The Swiss can reach the Turkish consulate in Zurich.

For a full list of Turkish consulates and missions, go to www.mfa.gov.tr.

If you don’t find your country, you can e-mail the closest Turkish Embassy regarding visa requirements.

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