Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey geographical structure , large open spaces, massive mountains, agriculturally fertile valleys and rugged coastline due to tectonic features . Countries with fast-growing cities , crowded, neon-lit seaside resorts and tourist beaches, has a livable structure .

yalova (11)Its rich history has left an indelible mark . Therefore, Turkey and various historical sites and beautiful scenery is great in possession archeological structures . Simple and rugged Anatolian plateau in the Cappadocia, you a fairy-tale landscape hidden caves, underground cities , open-air museums, thousands of years great kiliseier the sunar.akde Sea coastline , Pergamum and Ephesus as the best preserved Greco – Roman cities you with the pre-history to take eagerly smiles . Istanbul, still retains its multinational structure , Roman aqueducts , Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques and palaces and offers you a trip full of culture .

Turkey’s conscious multicultural heritage and hospitality of the Turkish people , traditions protected by peaceful lifestyle awaits you .

Turkey , cultural, economic and political changes in a country that embraces and is a dynamic community .

  1. Я разделяю благодарность за то, что вы предоставили столько информации о Турции.

  2. Die Orte, die wir auf unserer vorherigen Reise gesehen haben, sollten unbedingt besucht werden, Sie haben unsere Erinnerungen aufgefrischt.


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