The cheapest way to make domestic calls is from a public phone using a phone card bought at the post office (PTT). If the PTT is closed, you can usually find local entrepreneurs selling cards at a slight mark up near the public phones.

Your next challenge is to find a phone that is working. Lift the hand set and push the language button for either English, German or French and see what it says. If its says, “Welcome,” you have a phone that is working. Insert the phone card according to the arrow and you’re ready to start dialing.

phoning turkeyInside Turkey numbers outside your area code require a 0+ area code + number. Bodrum and Datca, for example, are in the same area code and don’t require an 0 + area code. If you dial an area code when you don’t need one, you’ll just get a busy signal.

If you use a Kontrol Telephone at your pension or a shop, expect to pay 3 to 4 times the PTT rate. This is not the phone to use for International calls.

To make a long distance international call you will need at least one 100 unit phone card. It maybe good for from 2 – 4 minutes. The card is around $4. If you wish to dial an operator, in your home country use the Home Direct phone number, which is free.



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