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According to the famous traveler-historian-philosopher Herodotus*, ancient Halicarnassus was founded in an area called Caria by Dorians who mixed with the native populations called Lelegians and Carians. With Cnidus, Cos on the island of the [...]


Located 4 km / 2,5miles away from Xanthos, Letôon was the religious center of the Lycian League where three temples, placed side by side, were erected. The first of these, constructed at the end of the 5 C BC in Ionic order, was dedicated [...]


Near Tekirova leads a trail to the ruins of Phaselis, scattered on a peninsula with three natural harbors and sandy beaches. This old city on the border of Lycia and Pamphilya located, was founded by colonists from Rhodes in 690 BC. Overwhelmed [...]