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Patara is one of the oldest and most important ancient cities of Lycia, as I have already known by the Hittites as Patar. Patara was the birthplace of Apollo, have their mother Leto, on the run from the island of Delos and Hera, the jealous [...]


Near Tekirova leads a trail to the ruins of Phaselis, scattered on a peninsula with three natural harbors and sandy beaches. This old city on the border of Lycia and Pamphilya located, was founded by colonists from Rhodes in 690 BC. Overwhelmed [...]


The ancient city is located near the village of Kinik on a hill in a gorgious natural location overlooking the Esen River. Xanthos long remained independent until it was taken over by the Persians: according to Herodotus, were the warriors [...]