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Turkey Bays

Turkey Bays

As last year, the plan this year is to take the boat where the guests wish it to be taken. Within practical limits, of course. Like departure airport and next rendezvous. Airports and rendezvous locations aside, we would be prepared to take [...]
antalya tourism city


South of the majestic Taurus Mountains, lie the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with its beaches of fine sand, its vistas of uncommon beauty, its many ancient ruins, its hidden coves and alluring vacation getaways. Here history and mythology [...]


Dalyan and Kaunos Dalyan is a small and beautiful resort on the left bank of the Dalyan River (Çayı), a stream through the reeds of Lake Köyçeyiz down to the sea. The lake narrows into a channel flowing into the Dalyan river, into the sea [...]


Located on the Turquoise Coast, Kekova is the most scenic area in Lycia. Kekova is a set of picturesque islands, bays and small ancient cities that the blue voyagers love to explore. For those enjoying a holiday on shore, it is recommended (when [...]