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Efes – Ephesus Map

View larger map General Information ” In mythology, a fairy tale town “ When you came to Ephesus , passing from the box office from the moment you start to walk in the city is experiencing an ancient story would get the feeling [...]


The early settlements in Kusadasi is by the Lelegians and Carians who moved from the central Anatolia around the year of 3000BC. They were the establishers of a colony on the skirts of Pilav Mountain in Kusadasi, and founded the cities Ania [...]


Kusadasi is located in a beautiful cove set, founded on the site of a settlement of Ionians and identified as ancient Neapolis. Nearby were the other two Ionian cities and Phygale Marathesion, but mighty Ephesus Samos with Marathesion swapped [...]