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Kalkan is a small, beautiful port and a peaceful place of vacation. Once called “Kalamaki,” it was the Turkish name given Kalkan, after the Greeks had left afterthe population exchange of 1925. The whitewashed houses, overlooking the large bay that have typical roof terraces, and the narrow streets wind down to the sea.There are numerous guest houses, small hotels, and more traditional modern andgood restaurants. Like Kas, Kalkan has become a popular stopover for the Blue Voyage. Diving is popular, Kalkan.
There are a few caves in the area, but Kapitas Cave, located 6 km / 3.7 miles from Kalkan, near the beautiful sandy beach of Kapitas, is the largest and has incredible colors green and blue. It is possible to take a ride inside a small motorboat.
The Bezirgan plateau overlooking Kalkan is located, is a good place for hiking.The ruins of the ancient city Pirha can be seen in the hills above the village Bezirgan.

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