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Turkey Yacht Tourism


Traditional wooden yachts The traditional wooden yachts are built mainly in Bodrum and other parts of the southwestern Turkey. In northern Black Sea Region the boat yards usually built fishing boats, but some beautiful traditional yachts are [...]


Antalya was formerly called Attalaia, a name derived from Attalus II, king of Pergamum, who founded the city in the 2C BC. The port city became the capital of Pamphylia and was protected by walls in 130 AD. These walls were reinforced in [...]


Alanya, the last important holiday resort on the Turkish Riviera, is located in a beautiful bay overlooked by the Taurus Mountains and surrounded by banana, orange and lemon tree plantations. Every year in August, folkloric events take place [...]


According to the famous traveler-historian-philosopher Herodotus*, ancient Halicarnassus was founded in an area called Caria by Dorians who mixed with the native populations called Lelegians and Carians. With Cnidus, Cos on the island of the [...]


Dalyan and Kaunos Dalyan is a small and beautiful resort on the left bank of the Dalyan River (Çayı), a stream through the reeds of Lake Köyçeyiz down to the sea. The lake narrows into a channel flowing into the Dalyan river, into the sea [...]


Datça is a small harbour and holiday resort located south of the Datça Peninsula, which provides a natural boundary between the Aegean Sea to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. The town, which is located 75 km /47 miles away [...]


Finike is a small port located at the end of a fertile plain where fruit trees (oranges, lemons) and vegetables (tomatoes) are extensively grown. A sand beach stretches over a few kilometers between Kumluca and Finike. On the heights of Turunçova [...]


Didyma was not a city but a sanctuary linked to Miletus by a Sacred Road. Here, was a renowned prophecy temple dedicated to Apollo where crowds of pilgrims came to consult the oracle. Already in the 6C B.C. a former temple was extremely famous. [...]


Patara is one of the oldest and most important ancient cities of Lycia, as I have already known by the Hittites as Patar. Patara was the birthplace of Apollo, have their mother Leto, on the run from the island of Delos and Hera, the jealous [...]


Gocek has long been a desirable destination for Turkish and foreign yachtsmen, as well as a popular stopover for jet-setters and celebrities alike. This fabulous village of two thousand inhabitants is only 20 minutes drive from Dalaman International [...]