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cultural festivals

Religious Festivals in Turkey

Religious Festivals The main reason why religious festivals are not celebrated on the same days each year , is because they are . According to the lunar calendar Calculated Ramadan and the Feast of Sacrifice is celebrated 10 days earlier each [...]
turkish festivals

Excellent Turkish Festivals

Turkey Unique festivals Turkey clearly festivals are absolutely wonderful . Turkish people love to celebrate and we have our own way of doing it , some events that showcase the landscape. We also have many unique Turkish festivals, celebrating [...]
mount nemrut

Nemrut Adiyaman Tourism Guide

Mount Nemrut you had a dream to date . To live in this atmosphere , including an immediate plan our trip to Nemrut . Mount Nemrut, Adiyaman province near the town of Kahta in the mountains near Anker is a mountain 2,150 meters high . Taurus [...]

Turkey History and Culture

Turkey today is a stable, secular, pro-Western democracy, and sees its future within Europe. But even its recent past is turbulent. Disastrous defeats in the Balkan Wars of 1912-13 and WW1 (1914-18) led to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, [...]