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General Information ” Land of apricot .. “ Join Hitie based , having a rooted culture of planning a trip to Malatya things do not go the way of taking notes … Mostly visitors to Mount Nemrut , one of the stops for sightseeing [...]
Şanlıurfa (13)


General Information “The city of the Prophet!” Urfa, a city which has hosted the prophets throughout history … history pervasive throughout the city gives it a mystical air … the smell of spices and a thousand of colorful [...]
izmir (5)


General Information “Amazon princess Smyrna” In the fertile soil of the Gediz River reaches the sea, there is a city that can not be shared for centuries: Izmir. 11,973 km2 area and the third largest city in Turkey with a population [...]
corum (7)


General Information “Hattushash inscribed reliefs and living history ..” Corum, historical and cultural aspects of today has a history dating back to before 7000. Black Sea region, which is the gateway to Central Anatolia Corum Province, [...]
Cankırı (4)


General Information “History dating from the Bronze Age to the Hittite period ..” Part of Central Anatolia, the Black Sea Region is located in the transition. City of the general geological structure occurs quite scattered and uneven [...]
canakkale (6)


General Information “Aegean has witnessed the city’s history …” Canakkale, Asia and Europe that combines history and the first east-west war witnessed a city … blue waters when you look at their holiday as well [...]
yozgat (6)


General Information “Hot Springs city ..” Yozgat E 88 on the highway there, and especially Capodaccia Hattusas is close by and connects with Hattusas Atatürk because of the way through the center of the province is a place frequented [...]
yalova (6)


General Information “Thermal tourism centers of Turkey!” Yalova, Turkey has made a name in the field of thermal tourism is one of the most important spa centers. Thermal tourism that can be found throughout the four seasons a chance [...]
van (5)


General Information “Urartu capital!” Van mind when the first thing Van cats and Lake Van guess … However, colorful rugs, carpets, herbed cheese, cat, honey, silver, castles and churches and famous is a city that Van As you [...]


General Information “Lovers Butler land ..” Usak province, part of the Aegean Region is located in West Central Anatolia. Usak province, Aegean and Central Anatolia Region separated from each other are on the western edge of the [...]