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Let’s learn Turkish

Yes, now our trip to Turkey for our peace of communication problems, let’s learn some Turkish words and phrases. While you’ll use most in Turkey for’ll say words and sentences. Hey  -  Merhaba. Good day  -  İyi Günler My [...]
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What is the best time for a trip to Turkey

What is the best time for a trip to Turkey ? Spring is the best time to visit Turkey , in the fall is coming , during the summer , last winter. spring Spring (April , May, through mid-June ) is prime because the weather all over the country [...]

About Turkey and Turks

Turkey is a paradise of sun, sea, mountains, and lakes that offers the vacationer a complete change from the stress and routine of everyday life. From April to October, most places in Turkey have an ideal climate that is perfect for relaxing [...]
Who Are The Turks

Who Are The Turks?

The Turks date back 4,000 years as a people, with ancestral roots extending to Turkic tribes who originated in the vast steppe lands of Central Asia and rode out in successive waves of conquest as their plain began to dry. The Turks established [...]
Turkish Mythology

Turkish Mythology

Turkish Mythology; reflect original Turkish myths which had occurred in Central Asia, the historical and legendary homeland of Turks. One of the Turkish tribes in Central Asia, Oghuz Tribe, had migrated farther west than most of the Turkish [...]
Travel Advisories

Before You Go : Things to Know

Here’s everything you need to know before you go from what weather to expect to how to apply for a visa. There’s also a list of useful products and services such as traveler’s insurance companies, and much more. Turkish Visa [...]
Learn Turkish

Learn Turkish

The University of Arizona in Tucson offers excellent resources for learning conversational Turkish. Also, travlang.com offers Turkish for Travelers. Select the language you speak from the pulldown menu, the click on the Turkish flag near [...]
phoning turkey

Phoning In and From Turkey

The cheapest way to make domestic calls is from a public phone using a phone card bought at the post office (PTT). If the PTT is closed, you can usually find local entrepreneurs selling cards at a slight mark up near the public phones. Your [...]


If, you’re planning ahead, here’s historical information provided by the Turkish Embassy, Washington, D.C. It shows average air and water temperatures for Turkey’s major cities. For a four-day forecast, see CNN Weather for [...]
Traveler's Insurance

Traveler’s Insurance

Absolutely, positively think about travel insurance. Turkish hospitals and physicians do not operate on the Hippocratic oath, unless you have cash, a charge card, or insurance! Here are a few companies that offer traveler’s insurance on-line. J.N. [...]